Stream-Niche Technology of Fuel Combustion
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  1. СНТ
  2. Heating/drying of steel-teeming ladles
Heating/drying of steel-teeming ladles
During drying, the flame temperature changes from 100˚С to 2000˚С (L> 15... L≈1), this allows the use of progressive modern cyclic drying schedules.
Drying/heating stage

This system was developed by SNT for drying new linings in order to achieve the highest expected lining life or to heat used ladles.

During drying, additional air is supplied to the burner, bringing › L› to 10 and reducing the flame temperature to values from 100˚С.

Thanks to this method, a warm vortex air flow is created in the ladle, which avoids rapid and strong heating inside the ladle during lining drying and achieves an even temperature distribution throughout the ladle column (+ _ 10˚C). Strong spot heating at the bottom of the ladle is also eliminated.

Due to SNT, the following advantages are achieved:


  • high convective heat transfer
  • uniform temperature distribution inside the ladle (+ _ 10˚С)
  • increased lining life
  • maximum moisture absorption by flue gases
  • drying process can be started at very low temperatures (approx. 120°C)
  • heating process can be started from any setting temperature
  • ability to achieve very low heating rates (approx. 10˚C/hour)
  • dramatic reduction in drying heating time of brick and monolithic lining
  • significant gas savings
  • continuous monitoring of the additional air supply (L›) and combustion conditions
  • increase in the overhaul period of the ladle lining