Stream-Niche Technology of Fuel Combustion
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SNT Burner Devices
SNT Burner Devices

Burners can be supplied as a complete set with control and safety automatics, as well as with ignition and flame control automatics. The required type of burner is selected by the engineers of the SNT Research and Production Company at the request of the Customer based on the characteristics of heat engineering facility where the burner devices are installed (length of the combustion chamber, resistance of the combustion chamber, heat density of the combustion chamber).

Burners are manufactured and meet the ISO 9001: 2015; DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) EN 676: 2014; GOST (All-Union State Standard) 21204-83; Technical Regulations for burner devices operating on gaseous and liquid fuels. All burners are certified in the UkrSEPRO (Ukrainian National Certification) system and have a certificate of the Customs Union. All burners are adjusted and tested at the factory. The automatics components, the accuracy of the burner heads have been properly checked.


SN Burners can be supplied as a complete set with a modular blower fan, or without it (in case of using a standard fan of a fire engineering facility). The control automatics can be either built into the burner device housing or supplied in an automation cabinet. The burner allows for adjustment, revision and maintenance without the need to remove it from the fire engineering facility. The ability to select burner components (fan, control panel, gas manifold, discrete and differential pressure sensors) allows you to create a design most suitable for specific operating conditions. Burners with extended heads are also available.

  • SN Burners can be installed on water-heating and steam boilers and industrial furnaces.
Fuel types
  • Natural or liquefied gas, fuel oil, diesel.
Technical characteristics of SN Burner Devices
Operating power range of SNT burners (SNT-21... SNG90), MW 0.5..25
Number of Burner Device (BD) typical sizes 60 units
Operating adjustment factor (kp) 1:10
Variation range of excess air adjustment in a BD 1.01..20
Ignition of a BD under gas pressure, Pa 10:30000
Hazardous emissions level:
Carbon monoxide (CO), mg/m³ 0
Nitrogen oxide (NOx), mg/m³ up to 230*
The following adjustment alternatives apply:
  • one-step
  • two-step
  • stepless (modulation)

in addition, it is possible to use fan drive frequency adjustment

Burner delivery set

The scope of delivery may include:

  • gas fittings
  • ignition and flame control automatics
  • control and safety sensors
  • burner device control and safety system

Burner devices can be equipped with both their own control panels and automatics integrated into the master control cabinet of the fire engineering facility. Controllers manufactured by Siemens, Unitronics, Schneider Electric, etc. can be used.