Stream-Niche Technology of Fuel Combustion
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Metal mixers

Mixers are used in the metallurgical industry for the temporary storage of liquid cast iron in order to average its chemical composition and temperature, as well as to ensure the smooth operation of steel production.

Installation of burners on the mixer made it possible to exclude the building of ports in the mixer space and clogging of the steel-pouring mixer “beak”.

As a result of the modernization of the mixer at the Zaporizhstal PJSC, the following results were obtained:

  • Installed burner devices consistently operate in a given range of loads (gas consumption) with excess air ratios close to one.
  • A uniform temperature field of a given value is created in the mixer space.
  • Mixer “beak” has a temperature that excludes slag deposition on a lining surface.
  • The BD embrasures also have a temperature that excludes slag deposition on the lining surface.
  • Burner devices have a temperature not exceeding 50˚C due to self-cooling by the oncoming air flow. When replacing burners on two mixers, the average gas consumption per mixer was reduced from 239 m3/h to 70–90 m3/h, while maintaining the set temperature of cast iron and the working space of the unit.

before SNT burners installation

after SNT burners installation