Stream-Niche Technology of Fuel Combustion
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Industrial solutions

The boilers upgraded with SNT burners ignite from 3% power and smoothly regulate power up to 100%. The profiled burner embrasure and a short flame evenly distribute heat in the furnace space without local overheating, which allows much faster reaching and the working load, reducing gross emissions the operating costs of the boiler. Burner devices based on stream-niche technology significantly reduce the specific consumption of gas and electricity for the generation of 1 Gcal, which makes it possible to recoup the modernization costs in a short time. Burner devices are equipped with automatics individually, depending on the automatiization requirements. When modernizing boilers, the burner device can use the existing air supply or be equipped with a fan.

There are modernized TVG, KVG, PTVM, KVGM, DKVR, DEV, KVN, Drizd, Grach, VK, etc. boilers produced by Monastyryshche Boiler Plant, Biisk Boiler Plant, Dorogobuzh Boiler Plant, Yuzhtransenergo in the city of Zaporozhye and 63rd Boiler and Welding Plant of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

For the modernization, boiler manufacturers' approvals have been obtained.

We have obtained a significant real volume of practical operational results, which make it possible to feel the indicated advantages of SNT in comparison with analogues on serial boilers.

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