Stream-Niche Technology of Fuel Combustion
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  1. СНТ
  2. Innovation and Technologies
Innovation and Technologies

Innovations and technologies developed by specialists of our company.

1. Stream-Niche Technology

2. Toxic Gases and Substances Afterburning Technology

3. Technology of gas combustion with increased forcing of the furnace volume, which made it possible to burn gas in short furnaces of contact water heaters with the possibility of increasing the heat intensity of the furnace volume by one order of magnitude.

4. Unique SNT-based technology of gas combustion for confectionery machines, which allows fundamental improvements in their designs.

5. Technology of radical reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions on obsolete equipment of boilers and furnaces.

6. Technology of gas ignition in BDs with low-temperature plasma.

7. Technology of using water in the working process of BDs by activating it with high-frequency magnetic fields and subsequent ultrasonic dispergation.

8. SNT-based technology, which allows improving the efficiency of the sinter production process.

9. SNT-based lining drying technology for energy and metallurgy facilities.

10. Combined burner device, which allows to burn liquid fuel (diesel, fuel oil) and natural gas simultaneously and separately.

11. Unique designs of burners for using in especially harsh conditions of metallurgical industries (open-hearth furnaces, rotary furnaces, lead smelting furnaces, etc.)

12. Internal cooling system for SN modules based on mathematical modeling, which excludes the destruction of the burner when operating with high furnace temperatures (1600–1800 degrees).

13. Design of a universal SNT-based burner device, capable of effectively burning any combustible gas of any degree of pollution with a calorific value from 700 kcal/m3 to 16000 kcal/m3 and above; and computer method for its calculation.


Stream-Niche Technology   Toxic Gases and Substances Afterburning Technology