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The history of development of the Stream-Niche Technology in the fuel combustion refers to the end of the 70-ies of the last century, when the experts from Combustion Division at Cogeneration Installations of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants Chair, Heat-and-Power Engineering Department, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute were working on research of the stream-niche mixture formation and flame stabilization. My PhD thesis became the result of these studies as well as number of USRR inventors’ certificates. The same engineering design is studied out in my PhD thesis.

The first industrial SNT burner devices, at their initial stage of implementation, without tests on real sites, were designed in the early '90s. M.Z. Abdulin, G.R. Dvortsyn were the beneficial designers of the unique technology. These first devices were manufactured by ‘Promgazapparat’ Plant and headed by V.M. Pidhoretskyi in Fastiv, Kyiv region. Based on the imperfect design of the first burner devices (BD), a series of new BDs was launched, later called “MDGB” (a micro diffusion gas burner) and one more type - “QB” (a quasi-kinetic burner). They had a range of disadvantages: non-optimal parameters of the stream system that resulted in deterioration of burner economic parameters, therefore, the burners were subjected to the transition to the modes of pulsating combustion, which affected the stability and operating range of the burner device; imperfect cooling system of the burner device often led to overheating of the device and its consequent breakdown. In addition, the principles of the working process in the burner devices based on the stream-niche technology of combustion had not been sufficiently studied by that time, and there still remained a foggy notion about the remedy for an adverse effect caused by the interaction between the facility and the above burners. As a result, MDGB and QB designs neither functioned at all, nor delivered the stated parameters.

After 2000, arising from the continued researches, the burner devices called “SNB” (stream-niche burners) had been designed. They had less deficiencies and the economic effect of fuel savings resulting from the introduction of SNB devices became more significant. Production centres were located in Zaporozhe city (Zaporozhe production plant “Spetsgazprom”) and in Kiev (Scientific-Production Association “SNT”), since 2007 - only in Kiev (SPA “SNT”).

Applying the experience gained, designers of the SNT technology constantly carry out the modernization of the burner devices. In 2007, we created new “SNT” burner devices, and the latest model for today in this series called “VRAD SNT” was developed in 2009. The latest burning device implements a new stage in progress of stream-niche technology, in particular, gas combustion technology in gas-dynamic Abdulin-Dvortsin “vortex reactors”, which is the developers’ “know-how”. At the end of 2009, the working team had been awarded with the title of “Leader of the Fuel and Energy Complex in Ukraine” for the best scientific and technical development of the year.

VRAD is a logical result of the research and development of “vortex” technology in fuel combustion designed for fire engineering facilities with different ranges of working fluid temperature, volumetric calorific of the combustion chamber, the flow velocity field, aerodynamics etc.

To realize the benefits VRAD to the fullest extent, one need to understand the processes caused by VRAD, have specific knowledge of the features for different fire engineering facilities and the ability to apply the techniques of VRAD at real facilities. The experts from both Science and Technology Center “Flogiston” and Scientific Production Company ‘Stream-Niche Technology” demonstrated the above skills and abilities. They have upgraded hundreds of different objects with wide range in capacities applying the stream-niche technology that successfully operate now. Besides, the scientists and technologists from STC “Flogiston” and SPC “SNT” generate unique engineering solutions that contribute to significant economic benefits and considerably improve the operational characteristics of the facilities. The related information is regularly published in special interest magazines and materials of relevant conferences and seminars.

We stay strong in the pursuit of our goals in the development of VRAD and SNT technology, and as of today, there are a number of significant improvements developed for the burner devices. Our organization works on the new BD types on the combined fuels (oil-gas BD and BD designed for gas mixture, coke oven gas and blast furnace gas included (and similar in composition gases). We use new and modern types of protective coatings that improve self-cooling water system. All these factors increase the effectiveness of the new BD.

The old equipment base (utilities, industry, agriculture etc.) is modernized with 5-80% fuel savings and 50% electricity savings, increased turnaround time, reduced environmental impact etc.

SPC “SNT” obtained all necessary permissions to carry out all kinds of design, installation and commissioning works in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Belarus, and is being the sole licensed manufacturer of burners “SNB”, “SNT” and “VRADIA SNT”. Burner devices produced by SPC “SNT” are certified in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Burners “SNB”, “SNT” and “VRAD SNT” by other vendors shall be considered as counterfeited, the appliance of which leads to legal proceedings and stoppage of upgraded facilities.


Mikhail Zagretdinovich Abdulin

Developer of “SNT” solution

Scientific coordinator of NPC “SNT”

Ph.D. candidate of NTUU “KPI”

Deputy Head of CITNPP Chair on scientific issues

Heat-and-Power Engineering Department at NTUU “KPI”