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General concepts

The stream-niche technology of natural gas combustion (SNT) with a controlled flow structure of fuel and oxidizer based on a uniform gas distribution in the airflow. The stream twist is not available, rotation structures and circulation areas are stable. It provides the necessary quality of mixture formation and reliable flame stabilization with self-cooling of combustion module and thermal preparation of the fuel mixture. As a result, the volume of generated vortexes is incomparably lower than in conventional burners, which significantly reduces its impact on pulsations in the furnace, the erosion of portholes and other elements of a fire engineering facility. It also allows to startup and operate the facility with minimal natural gas consumption that considerably increases the reliability of operation. Based on the above combustion technology, a complicated aerothermal chemical scheme of fire engineering facility can be optimized.

SNT burner devices (SNT BD) introduces a stream-niche technology for combustion of natural gas through an automatically adjusted structure flow of fuel and oxidizer. The BDs reliably operate at extremely low values of excess air factor that provides an increased average temperature of the combustion products in the furnace space.

Therefore, increased average temperature of the combustion products and uniform temperature pattern in the furnace conditioned upon an optimal mixture formation are followed by a decrease of non-uniformity in local heat flows, which also enhances the reliability of fire engineering facility as a whole, significantly increases TBO, and improves the quality of products.

The high level of operational safety of a fire engineering facility (startup included) when using SNT is also based upon the possibility of smooth ignition and stable operation at natural gas consumption maximum  5% of nominal rating and wide range of effective mode (10 to 100% of rated power, i.e. Kp> 10).

Stream-niche technology provides low liquid resistance in the fuel and oxidant path, thus, reduces the load and, therefore, electric power of draft systems in 1.5-2 times.

Boilers, upgraded with stream-niche technology, have precedence over existing domestic and foreign analogues in economic feasibility, environmental safety and reliability.

SNT allows transferring the boilers with medium gas pressure to low. It provides the heat delivery to the customer irrespective of the natural gas pressure in the pipeline. It should be noted, that the transfer of boilers of any power stream-niche technology of gas combustion has no comparable counterparts in the world.

Research and Production Association “Stream-Niche Technology” successfully implements SNT BDs on boilers of various types and capacity: NYYSTU-5; Nadtochiya; TVG; KVG; DKVR; KVGM; PTVM; E; DE ; OP etc. (over 40 types). Up to date, more than 700 boilers are rehabilitated.

In terms of their efficiency and range of tasks, stream-niche technology and SNT BDs have no comparable counterparts in the world and are protected by the Eurasian patent number 005471 “Method of natural gas combustion in air flow” issued 02.24.2005, Eurasian Patent Office (Eurasian Patent Organization) patent for invention number 51844 (7F23B7/00) “Method of natural gas combustion in an incident air stream”, patents for invention number 54616 (7 F23Q13/02, F23R3/32) “Device for gas combustion”.