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Production Association «CHT» («Stream-Niche Technology»(SNT) is a leader in the production of energy efficient burners in a wide range of loads for various facilities for combustion gaseous fuels.

 «SNT» company carries out development, production and implementation (design, installation, commissioning) certified energy efficient SNT burners created on the stream-niche technology of fuel combustion base (Ukraine patents ¹54616, ¹51884 and Eurasian patent ¹005471). Using these burners you can complete upgrading of all types cheap (VK NYYSTu-5 DKVR, KVG, TVG, KPA, KVN, E, DE, KVGM, PTVM, OP, GM BKZ, PC, others), metallurgical and industrial ovens, dryers, combustion chambers, etc. 

With burners SNT upgraded more than 1000 boilers 40 types (from contact water heaters with capacity of 50 kW to large power boilers with capacity of 200 tons of steam per in hour), dozens of types of furnaces (from small furnaces melting of basalt with gas flow of 10 m3/h to 120 meter and Martin rotating furnaces with gas flow over 5000 m3/h), open-hearth furnaces, equipment distilleries and sugar mills, building materials enterprises, a large number of ovens and dryers in various industries.

SNT type burners adopted in state programs of energy saving by the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine and the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine as a base for the revival of the heat of Ukraine.