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VRAD SNT Burners

SNT Authors experiment regularly and regularly upgrade stream-niche technology burner devices (SNT BD). As a result, SNT burners and VRAD SNT were created, the last one for today in this series. VRAD SNT devices realize a new level of stream- niche technology. The gas burns in the gasdynamic "vortex reactor" that is know how of Abdulina-Dvortsyna developers.

The theory of combustion in gas-dynamic "vortex reactor" of Abdulin-Dvortsyn (VRAD) based on the controlled interaction of stable vortex structures generated by the coupling of the  fuel flow and oxidizer strem that it blows it to the circulation area after a blunt body at the required temperature level data structures taking into account the thermal characteristics of the object. The photo shows the enlarged recess initial conversion and stabilization of fuel mixture burning.

VRAD SNT burners use a new physical effect opened by authors the so-called "Abdulina-Dvortsyna effect". It is the release of energy in specific furnace areasof fire engineering facility (FEF) thanks to a combination of special design features of the burner, operational factors, providing the required temperature level in this field and adapt workflow to the burner and gas-dynamic design features FEF. Due to the initial mixing and preparing the fuel mixture VRAD SNT has a shorter torch and a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions than earlier stream-niche burners.

VRAD is the logical result of research and development "vortex" technology in combustion for FEF with different levels of actuation fluid temperature, combustion rate, flow velocity field, and aerodynamics of facility etc.

SNT VRAD burner is:

- a device with 50-180 MW unit capacity;

- a possibility for a boiler to work in a full load at low (to 500 mmWC) and medium (to 2500 mmWC) gas pressure;

- decrease in unit cost of gas from 3 to 20% depending on the type of the facility;

- decrease in power cost from 20% to 50% on the draft system drive;

- compliance with modern environmental standards;

- reliability of burners in operation (ignition with gas pressure to 5 mmWC);

- an adaptation of facility to the existing automatics;

- an extension of the operating range of power control (10-130%);

- a possibility of modularizing (gas fittings, automatic control unit, air fun etc.);

- a short and stable flame in a wide range of loads;

- an ability to operate in a mode of two-stage combustion of the fuel mixture;

- noise load does not exceed 78 dB;

- certified equipment in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus;

- equipment with permits to be used from leading manufacturers of the boiler equipment in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus;

payback of modernization is around a year.

Modular SNT burner devices are equipped with the equipment of the leading world manufacturers: valves and gauges of Honeywell, TERMOBREST, Emerson, Kromschreder companies, air fans from leading factories in Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland. Electrical Products ABB. Automatic units are with exclusive domestic software that takes into account technological and design characteristics of a particular type of heating equipment (boilers, furnaces, heat generators, etc.).

A set on the burner automatics is a complicated and reliable complex, which solves the problems of safety and automation of a fire engineering facility in general. A burner controller and FEF are selected according to the technical requirements and requirements from the customer. All controlling devices of the burners have an electric drive, not a mechanical one (the last one tends to imbalance and results in reset of settings). The burner is smoothly controlled at all loads. Adjustment is carried by feedback.

SNT VRAD is adapted to the local operating conditions (gas pressure reduction, etc.). It has a warranty and post-warranty services, and supervision of the operation is ensured within one year after installation.

Comparative analysis of the modular VRAD burning devices with foreign production equipment shows that the VRAD SNT BD is highly competitive and even surpasses existing analogues in some parameters.

Technical Specifications of VRAD SNT burners

         Operation capacity range of a VRAD burner (SNT-21..SNT-190)

 0,05..180 MW

           Number of typical sizes


           Operating adjustment factor (kp)


           Variation range of excess air adjustment in a BD


           Variation range of operating pressure in a BD (DP„)

 10..30000 Pa

           Level of hazardous emissions:

                       carbon monoxide (CO)

 0  mg/m³

                       nitrogen oxide (NOx)

 <160 mg/m³