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Muffle blocks

         Lining is one of the important aspects of the fire engineering facility. It creates the necessary furnace processing aerodynamics, hermiticity and heat insulation. Depending on the type of FEF, lining is exposed to various influences of chemical reactions, thermal stresses and dynamic actions. One of the tensest parts of the lining is the section near the burner device (muffle block), as there are the highest temperature values and high-speed flows, which result in high requirements to the quality and heat wear-resistance of the burner tiles.

         Self-made embrasures are frequently deformed, thereby disrupting the disclosure of the burner, leading to surging, front slab overheating and reduction of the efficiency.

SNT Company develops and manufactures high-quality muffle blocks for all types of dry kilns, furnaces, boilers and heaters

 Muffle block of burner with 45 MW in a boiler

 Packed butt joint of muffle block and burner