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SNT burners are the result of continuous research work of KPI scientists (Kiev Polytechnic Institute). Moreover, in practice, this development is a very significant and important result, since the technology became the basis for the modernization in heat-and-power engineering not only in our country, but the neighboring countries, as well.

In fact, there is no wonder, because the SNT burners possess all the qualities of a modern and efficient equipment. They are practical, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly, that become actual especially in recent decades. Another significant feature of the burners is the possibility for the modernization of the huge number of boilers and furnaces. In fact, their usage is justified wherever the fuel combustion takes place. By the way, this BD is designed for industrial thermal equipment as well as for boilers in private buildings.

As already mentioned, many companies, both in Ukraine, and in the neighboring countries, find confirmation in undeniable effectiveness and uniqueness of our SNT enterprise technology known as the Stream-Niche Technology.