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Production of basalt fibers is technologically complicated process. One of the important processes considered fusing ob basalt in basaltic furnaces to the amorphous state. Production of basalt fibers are technologically complicated process. One of the important processes considered melt process the basalt rocks in furnaces to the amorphous state. The temperature mode of these furnaces is 1400-1600 ° C range, and it’s achieved with a very difficult process of organization.

The “CHT”company (Stream-Niche Technology (SNT) provides a full range of services for the delivery of a turnkey furnace. When the hearth burners ane replaced to modern SNT BD, our specialists carried out a full analysis of the furnace:


  • Analysis of the existing equipment and the state;
  • Analysis of the existing burner during operation of the furnace;
  • Studying of aerodynamic flow structure of combustion products;
  • Selection of efficient equipment.

Modernization burners of furnaces are carried out with changing of burners and using the existing schemes of the existing auxiliary equipment (air supply circuit, flue gas circuit, etc.). Also improves the aerodynamic structure inside the combustion chamber, resulting in improved furnace efficiency.


The client chooses the desired level of automation in the selection of equipment. The minimum level of security consists of the flame ignition and control package, and if the customerneeds the drier with full automation or semi-automation, it must be indicated in the specifications, and then our specialists will offer the most cost-effective version of automatic process control system.

 After the completion of the modernization, the company's specialists provide consultative services to operating personnel on how to operate the modernized furnace correctly and efficiently.

The experience of specialists of "stream-niche technology" gives the following results after upgrading:

  1. Work in the whole range of loads all the burners in the range of 10-100%, with a constantly high efficiency;
  2. Reduction of the specific consumption of gas by 10% for fusing 1 ton of basalt due to efficient combustion of the fuel;
  3. Reduction of total NOx emissions;
  4. Safe ignition of the furnace because of the possibility of burners work steadily from 3% of rated power;
  5. Improvements drier safe operation by the ability to operate the burners with air factor from 1 to 35.
  6. Improved performance: noise reduction, ease of maintenance, ease of setup and stable operation under variable gas pressure;
  7. The increase in the turnaround time of the furnace due to uniform heat load and short flame of SNT burners, which in turn positively displayed on the lining and waterwall surfaces.


Opinion of basaltic furnaces work with SNT burners